Your donation helps the Shanaman Sports Museum in many different ways, from our Clay Huntington Broadcast Center and Scrapbooks projects, to our Old School Sports Programs and Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame.  If you require help determining your gift, please use the Giving Guide at the bottom of the page or email

Ways to Give

If you prefer to donate with a check, please send it to the following address:

Shanaman Sports Museum
c/o Marc Blau, President
9908-63rd Ave. Ct. E.
Puyallup, WA 98373-1170

Giving Guide





Credit card payment


√  Possible federal income tax deduction if you itemize your return

Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA

$100,000 per year

Must be over age 70½ at the time of the gift.

Account custodian must make check payable to Shanaman Sports Museum of Tacoma-Pierce County.

√  Make your donation with pre-tax dollars

√  Reduce your taxable ordinary income

√  Satisfy required minimum distribution

Investment property with built in capital gain: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc.

Unlimited *

√  Avoid owing capital gains tax on investments that have grown in value over time

Beneficiary designation of IRA/401k, life insurance policy (assets that transfer outside of a will or living trust, requires completion of change of beneficiary form with account custodian or insurer before death)


√  Retain control/use of assets during lifetime

√  Can make Sports Museum a beneficiary at whatever percentage of the account balance you choose

Bequest via will or living trust (any type of asset, investment, personal property that has value and can be sold by the Sports Museum).

Unlimited *

√  Designate Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Museum as a beneficiary in your will now but no action taken until your death

√  Reduce potential estate size related to Washington state estate tax (> $2.2 million estate)

√  Keep use of assets during your lifetime

Charitable Gift Annuity

$25,000 minimum *

Cannot add to, but can easily establish follow-up gift annuities at later date

√  Lifetime income, fixed, guaranteed payments for one or two lives

√  Simple to establish, no setup cost

√  Allows possible charitable gift tax deduction and reduced/prorated capital gains tax

Charitable Remainder Trust (Unitrust or Annuity Trust)

$150,000 *

Requires creation of a trust with

√  Income for lifetime or period of years

√  Payout rate negotiated

√  Can provide income for one or more non-charity beneficiaries

√  Potential tax deduction in the year of the gift

√  No capital gains on gifts of appreciated assets used to fund the trust

√  Can make additional contributions to a unitrust, not to an annuity trust

√  Good option for gifts of real estate

* These gifting options include involvement of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation where the Sports Museum has held an investment account since 1993.


When I make a financial gift to the Shanaman Sports Museum of Tacoma-Pierce County, how will my donation be managed?

Beyond maintaining some cash for ongoing operating expenses, the Museum holds longer-term investments in an account at the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.

This fund was established in 1993 upon the initial fundraising effort to construct museum displays in the dedicated space the museum had at the Tacoma Dome for 25 years.

The Museum can deposit cash gifts (check/credit card payments) into this account. The account can also receive gifted stocks, mutual funds or other investment property that would otherwise generate a capital gains tax if liquidated by the owner.

Through our relationship with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF), we can also offer Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts for donors who wish to retain an income interest in their gift for life.

The Sports Museum fund is one of many charitable funds at GTCF totaling more than $110 million. This money is overseen by a six-person committee of investment professionals in addition to the GTCF Chief Financial Officer. The investment committee hires, monitors and evaluates several money managers to implement strategies aligned with the long-term goals of fundholders. The majority of the money is managed by Vanguard, but several other specialty investment managers are involved.

It is possible that the Museum will create a separate account focused on the short-term need to buy and remodel or build a new physical home for the Museum. In this case, funds raised would be held in a short-term investment account intended to finance the project.

This is the first significant fundraising effort by the Museum in more than 25 years. We are happy to have the variety of giving options available to accommodate different needs and preferences of donors.

Your gift will be prudently managed and wisely used to help the Museum extend its mission of preserving local sports heritage.