Gene Thayer

Gene "Chico" Thayer began playing fastpitch at age 15, and while in left field became so fascinated with pitching that he and a friend would pitch to each other using a window-less building as their backstop. With lots of work came steady improvement, and within a couple of years he was pitching for Mount Vernon Moose, the best team in that league. In 1951, Thayer moved to Tacoma and played for the Tacoma Moose team, which qualified for the state tournament in Walla Walla. He played for many teams including Tacoma Athletics, Mueller-Harkins Buick, Wood Realty, Spring Air Mattress, VFW, Puget Sound Bank, Manke & Sons, and B&I Sports. He participated in 29 regional tournaments and between those events and invitational tournaments he garnered nine MVP trophies. His longest single game pitching was 19 innings and his longest single day of pitching was five consecutive games-37 innings and winning all five games with a total of 54 strikeouts. While playing for Puget Sound Bank he received the Ralph Guynes Inspirational Award, only the fifth time it was presented in 26 years. Thayer's catcher for that team, and during his time with Manke & Sons, was Lloyd Glasoe, who like Thayer was an Anacortes native.

Gene was inducted into the Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Tacoma-Pierce County Baseball-Softball Oldtimers Hall of Fame in 1989..

Thayer was born May 18, 1933 in Anacortes, WA. He passed away on November 19, 2011.