Oscar "Ocky" Larsen Sr.

Born on November 26, 1904 in Duluth, MN and passed away on March 19, 1982. Attended Irving School in Tacoma. Pitched and played 2nd base with the Tacoma Federals (1917), Spanaway Merchants (1919-20), Tacoma Beavers (1921-22), K Street of the City League (1923-24), Whistle Bottling Co. (1927-28), Berkheimer's Mfg. (1929), Buffelen's (1931-32), Tacoma Electochemical (1933-34), and Penn-Salt's Commercial League championship team in 1935. In the 30's Ocky also managed or captained the Jack 'n Jill team, Kimball's, the powerful Waller Road Owls independent team, and completed his baseball career prior to World War II with the Fife Cardinal Valley League team.