2003 Hall of Fame Inductees BASEBALL
Stan Naccarato

Nobody can figure out how Naccarato's name missed being included before this in the T-PC Baseball Hall of Fame. He's a former Dill Howell Award winner, has been called Tacoma's Mister Baseball on numerous occasions, and every committee member thought he already had been inducted into the ranks. Talk about overdue? Stan was a star pitcher for Clover Park High, losing only one game, 1-0, at Puyallup in his senior year on an unearned run. He was signed by Cincinnati out of high school and pitched in the Pioneer League for the Ogden Reds and future Tacoma Manager Pip Koehler, notching a 33-10 record before a crippling arm injury ended his professional career. He returned to Tacoma and became one of the city's most influential citizens and sports boosters. A two-time President of the TAC, ring announcer for the Golden Gloves for 55 years, he perhaps has raised more money for good causes locally than any one single individual in the community. He was instrumental in helping Tacoma realize a dome of its own, and he earned every major honor possible as President and General Manager of the Tacoma Tigers. Among his biggest sports thrills, a team of Tacomans came to him in 1955 and he agreed to sponsor them in City and Valley League play as the Stanley's Shoemen. Little did he realize that they would win their final 13 games in 1956 to claim state, regional and national championships - the first West Coast team ever to accomplish that. It was an appropriate salute to Stan. Naccarato also became one of the area's finest umpires and called "as he saw" for 21 years.