Sandy Molzan

Sandy Molzan, who played third base throughout an outstanding fastpitch and slowpitch career, got into the local fastpitch scene just when the sport was in its waning years. She started with Darigold in 1955, and a year later joined Hollywood Boat & Motor coached by Carl Benson.

In 1965, her first year playing slowpitch softball with The Gage, Molzan was fortunate as the team journeyed to Omaha, Neb., to become the first from the area to play in a national tournament. The next area team to play in a national tournament was the Creekwater Dispensary team, and again Molzan was on the squad. Over the years she also played for Spudís Pizza Pete, B&E Tavern and B.J.ís All-Stars and received several all-star awards at local major tournaments.

Molzan, who worked full-time at Cheney Lumber, also had a part-time position for Metro Parks and the Pierce County Parks Department in girls and womenís programs. She played basketball for state qualifier Cheney Lumber and had a national rating as a girls, womenís and college basketball referee