Patti (Vogel) Moffett

Patti graduated from Wilson High School in 1969 and attended Tacoma Community College and Western Washington University. She played first and second base for the Wahzoos from 1967-1987 and now lives in University Place.

As a 20-year Wahzooer, Patti recalled, “Thinking back to our Wahzoo years always puts a smile on my face.  I can't remember much about records, averages and all-star selections, etc, but what I do remember is that - we always had fun, we were very competitive and won most of the time, we didn't practice much, we drove most of our coaches crazy, and again, we always had FUN.  We also made it to the Regionals in Idaho in 1985.

As a sophomore  (1966) at Wilson High School, playing quarterback of our Powder Puff football team, we beat the "senior women" for the first time in school history.  Wahzoos on that team were Lynda Hodgkiss, Theresa Kade, Stephanie Stiltner, Barb Kuni, and Nancy Goodwin.  The Wahzoos also played rec league basketball, volleyball, and one year of soccer (when the ball goes out of bounds WE have to go get it??!)  Again, we usually ended up near or at the top of our leagues.

I have played sports for as long as I can remember (actually longer than I can remember!).  One of my first coaches in baseball was my Dad.  I believe I was 6 years old.  Some future Wahzoos played our Fircrest Parks teams - Gayle Hazen, Nancy Goodwin, Gretchen, Kris &Theresa Kade to name a few. Mr. & Mrs. Kade also coached us. Girl’s sports in those years were not promoted like they are now--we were very fortunate to have parents and coaches involved. Without sports I probably wouldn't have met the fantastic circle of lifelong friends that I have today.