Bob Houston

Bob Houston grew up in the South Sound area and attended Fife in the “early days” when all interest was on baseball. He was a dominant pitcher who also participated with the Cammarano Brothers Team in the Tacoma City League at that time.

Houston developed a knuckleball with his friend Lloyd Komp, and that pitch led the way to a solid career. He received offers from several teams but took the advice of his coaches, father, and educators and pursued a college degree while playing at Washington State University for Buck Bailey. During the summers, he returned to Tacoma to play with the Tacoma Tigers and Raymond Seagulls in the City and Timber Leagues.

Houston accepted an offer to in the California League and the Lockheed Aircraft team during the Great Depression. During his time with the team, they won the California State Championship twice and added a runner-up finish. He also played in the Denver Post and Wichita Tournaments in addition to Arizona and Texas Leagues. After World War II, he returned to the Pacific Northwest to work at McChord Airbase.

“Baseball has always been special, and Tacoma holds many, many fond memories of outstanding players and terrific ballgames with good support from the people living in the area.”

1937(??) Eastern State Hospital Team-Medical Lake, WA

Front row l. to r.: __________, __________, __________, __________, and __________, Batboy:__________.

Back row l. to r.: __________, Gilly Portmann, __________, __________, Bob Houston, Sonny Bailey???, __________, __________, __________, and __________.