Hydroplane Racing

The first Tacoma-built hydroplane was owned by Austin Snell. Called the Miss Rocket after his Rocket gas stations, the name was soon changed to the Coral Reef the following year. The best finish the Coral Reef had was a second place in the annual Seafair race.

The Miss B & I, driven by Bob Gilliam, was another popular unlimited hydro from Tacoma. The most accomplished drive to hail from Pierce County is George Henley of Eatonville who drove the Miss Pay ‘n Pak to a national championship in the early ’70s. When it comes to the limited hyroplane circuit, Armand Yapachino has been the greatest contributor to the sport through his driving, sponsorship, and promotion of this program.

Miss Rocket

Miss B & I

George Henley of Eatonville
drove the Pay ‘n Pak hydroplane to
National Championships in 1973 and 1974.