Baseball Over the years Tacoma has seen its share of personalities in the sport of baseball come through the area such as Orval Overall, Walter Johnson, Joe McGinnity, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey, Gaylord Perry, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Walt Weiss, Scott Brosius, Jason Giambi, and Ten Million.

Who is Ten Million?

Ten Million was born in Mt. Vernon in 1889, graduated from Broadway HS in 1908, attended the University of Washington, and became a claims adjuster for the City of Seattle. He met his wife Christine while working for the Spalding Sporting Goods store in Seattle. He died June 18, 1964.

Baseball Baseball was his love along with fishing and although his career ended with a knee injury, he did have a chance to play for Tacoma in 1912-14, Seattle, Victoria, and Spokane in the Northwestern League. He also played professionally for the St. Louis Nationals. Later on he refereed high school baseball, football, and basketball in the Seattle area.

Ten got his name because his grandmother liked unique and unusual things, and with a last name of Million, she wanted her grandson to stand out. She talked his parents into naming him Ten for that reason. When the daughter of Ten and Christine was born, the grandmother bribed Christine with $50 into naming her Decillian Million for the same reason. Later on, Decillian began to use the name Dixie but in her early years, she was known as Decillian Million, daughter of Ten Million.